Halle-60er1965: Founding of the company named „Maschinenfabrik Adenau“ – The first customers consist solely of the cement industry as well as a few chemical companies

1978: Buyout of the company by its (subsequently) long-time owner Anton J. Köllemann as well as entering the field of screw-heat-exchanging. The clientele and the product-range is expanded within the fields of power-plants and mining.

1988: Renaming to A.J. Köllemann GmbH

1990: Introduction of computer-aided design software (CAD) as well as implementation of computer numeric controlled machinery (CNC).

1996: Worldwide commercialization of our further developed process components like screw-heat exchangers for contact-drying. The focus of engineering aims more towards the delivery of complete solutions.Halle-90er

1998: Implementation of computer aided engineering (CAE) for optimization of the components for a more efficient design as well as introduction of production-planning software (PPS).

1999: For reasons of age, the long-term owner and name patron Anton J. Köllemann transfers the management to Dipl. Ing. Hans Josef Blumenkamp.

2002: Realization of a research project: „Minimization of  ecotoxic heavy-metal composition in wooden ashes“.

2003: Expansion of the test center for execution of experiments with all kinds of  bulk-solids of our customers.

2004: Achievement of the ASME-Certificate for the production and design of pressure-vessels acc. to the „ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code“.

2005: Expansion of the production hall which henceforth contains the companies biggest vertical boring and turning mill.

2007: Along with the financial crisis an exiguous part of the customer base plunges heavily and numerous projects are heavily delayed or canceled which leads to an illiquidity of the company. With the enormous effort of the insolvency administrator as well as the preservation of the permanent staff the business activity can be kept fully operating. Along with the strong position on the market this leads to the possibility to aim for an investor and secure the future of the company.

2009: Introduction of a group of investors renaming to Köllemann GmbH.

2010: Bachelor of Commerce  Volker Kapteina joins the company and strengthens the management. His responsibility is within the commercial area while the liability of Dipl. Ing. Hans Josef Blumenkamps is the engineering section. The aged PPS-system is replaced by a modern ERP-system with special auxiliaries to force a more effective production.

2011: Manufacturing of the thitherto worlds biggest coke-preheaters (60 metric to/h) – the delivery takes place in Yunnan, China. The company receives its certificate acc. to ISO 9001:2008, because of the consequent use of the internal long-term QM-system this is done without major changes.

2012: For reasons of age the hitherto general manager transfers all duties and responsibilities to Bachelor of Commerce Volker Kapteina and retires from the company, Volker Kapteina is from now on the sole general manager.

2013: Re-certification for the production and design of pressure-vessels acc. to the „ASME Boiler and – Pressure Vessel Code sec. 8 div. 1“.