DSC_0028_1KÖLLEMANN Mixing-Screws  have their field of application within the mixing of dusty, grainy and free flowing bulk-solids.
With their very high mixing- intensity, the KÖLLEMANN Mixing-Screws can even stir injected fluids like sodium-silicate, acids and leach or other additives in a process-reliable quality into the bulk-solid.
Many of the applications require an abrasion-protection to ensure that the service-life of the products will stay on the familiar high level.

To ensure this, different methods have been proven by decades of usage, such as hardfacing, self-shielding by means of forced sedimentation as well as a full surface rubber-coating.

To embrace the requirements for volume-flow and mixing-behavior, our portfolio offers layouts in multi-shaft-design.
Since adjustable mixing quality is required in some circumstances, our Mixing-Screws are equipped with optional adjustable mixing-blades.

DMSA-grauAs for all other products within the KÖLLEMANN product-range, we offer  a thermal treatment such as heating or cooling for particular fields of application.
If you face an application which is not listed, our sales-team will be looking forward to helping you.