High-Pressure / Pressure-Shock resistant


KÖLLEMANN High-Pressure / Pressure-Shock resistant Rotary-Valves have their field of application within the dosing, sealing, feeding and discharging as well as measuring of bulk-solids within a pressurized or vacuum environment.

With the specially designed housing geometry and structure, our rotary valves can be used for all conditions of pressure. The range starts from 40mbar absolute-pressure up to a pressure of 30bar. But the application is not limited to processes where the machines act as an inline device – also charging and discharging from these conditions can be handled flawlessly.

Our product-range provides various options, designs and materials. The lion’s share of our Rotary-Valves is produced as a weld-construction, which is available in all customary materials. We provide plenty of options and extra equipment to perfectly serve all of your requirements and demands which arise from the conditions of your bulk-solid.

We offer furthermore optional heating or cooling, depending on the application – available with all customary market heating and cooling fluids as well as electrical trace heating. We offer as process-optimized extra-equipment  amongst others overfill-protection and leakage-air collectors. In order to antagonize abrasion and premature wear and beyond all to minimize the maintenance effort, it makes perfect sense for many KÖLLEMANN Rotary-Valves to install a specifically hardened wear-bush and sealing-strips. For industrial vacuum applications, we offer a specialized no-gap valve, which uses a special strip-guiding-system ensuring a zero-gap between housing and rotor. This is perfect for applications which require a minimized amount of leakage-air.

As we produce each rotary-valve fully based upon your special requirements, our sales-team is looking forward to assist you. Detailed brochures are available in the download-section.