Filling Level 02 freigestelltKÖLLEMANN Screw-Heat-Exchangers have their field of application within the thermal treatment of bulk-solids, we offer specialized products for each particular field of application. KÖLLEMANN Screw-Heat-Exchangers cover the whole spectrum of process-technology, starting with cooling of bulk-solids like for e.g. bed-ashes from drying  of sludges or pastures up to heating of for e.g. petcoke for the anode-lines of the aluminium-industry.

Based on their design, KÖLLEMANN Screw-Heat-Exchangers differ significantly from the usual on the market available ones, as they use the proven Hollow-Flight-Principle, which unifies serveral advantages within: an significantly enhanced heat-exchanging surface, leading lower thermal-stress on the screw-flight – especially during cooling-applications as well as forced heat-transfer-medium guidance inside the shaft.
900C-ZementThe temperature range of the KÖLLEMANN Screw-Heat-Exchangers reaches from colling down from 1200°C up to  heating to more than 200°C with  heat-transfer-medium temperatures above 350°C.

KÖLLEMANN produces the Screw-Heat-Exchangers in accordance with standards such as AD2000 or ASME BPVC Sec.8 div.1 to ensure an maximum of safety during the handling of the heat-transfer-medium. (Certificates available in the download-area)

For further details regarding single applications, we recommend to check the detail-pages which offer you information for each particular field of application.

Detailed brochures are available in the download-area.