The KÖLLEMANN Self-Cleaning-System is used to convey any material considered as not conveyable with screw-conveyors, it uses high lateral speeds between the two shafts inside, which are turning in the same direction. In order to increase this effect even further, we have put our excessive know-how into this development in order to achieve that one of the shafts is running with twice the speed than the other one rotates. With this unique system, the KÖLLEMANN Screw-Heat-Exchangers are able to convey sticky and adhesive material in a condition like cold petroleum jelly. Due to the high cleaning efficiency, the whole system operates with lowest residues on the shafts and enables an optimum heat-transport.
The short animation below shows the principle of the self-cleaning-system.

As we produce each screw-heat-exchanger fully based upon your special requirements, our sales-team is looking forward to assist you.