Our product portfolio consists of customer-oriented solutions, we produce virtually no series products. Every KÖLLEMANN product is precisely adapted to the customer’s industry and its particular application: from engineering to the assembly of the machine ready for shipment. We offer our customers comprehensive and individual advice for every task. Each machine is created according to the product characteristics as a 3D model. We can offer the best solution for every application. If necessary, we also carry out tests on the product to be conveyed for customers.

Tests: If you wish, we test the flow behavior, the stickiness and the conveyability of substances with our test systems and develop the optimal solution for you.

Installation: We stand by your side during commissioning and assure you the professional installation and a smooth installation of our products into your systems.

Round-the-clock service: In the event of a malfunction, our service department is there for you around the clock.

Maintenance / spare parts: We offer both the service directly on site as well as the overhaul or repair at our factory. Even after years, you can still get spare parts for the machines we supply.

Full-service solution: We can offer full-service contracts for your systems upon request. We take care of the maintenance and repairs of our, but also externally manufactured machines

Your contact partner

Andreas Kürsten
Head of Application Technology