Our objectives

It is our common responsibility to protect the resources for a climate-friendly and energy-saving future. We are committed to the preservation and protection of ecosystems – especially as a manufacturing company.

KÖLLEMANN products can make a significant contribution to ecological improvement in sustainable production processes whether in the fields of recycling, recovering and restoring raw materials, creating new material cycles or the efficient use of energy through recovery by special processes.

For our customers we focus on customized, innovative solutions for individual tasks and arising challenges in environmental technology. Our experienced employees in the areas of plant design, engineering, project management, construction, production and service guarantee the highest quality standards and a long service life for KÖLLEMANN machinery.

Sustainable environmental technology

Reprocessing of contaminated, polluted
soils and earths (drilling cores and muds)

Over the past decades, countless soils and entire regions around the world have been contaminated by the industrial processing of raw materials. In order to leave a world worth living in for future generations, treatment is indispensable. KÖLLEMANN screw heat exchangers show their advantages in the thermal decontamination of polluted soils by means of efficient heat transfer. This way, pollutants can be removed or chemically converted. It avoids that treated products end up in environmentally harmful landfilling.

The use of alternative fuels and biomass for the production of fuels and CO2-neutral energy production is gaining greater importance worldwide. Whether in the recycling of green waste for the production of biocoal, for the recovery of valuable metals from battery scrap or plastics for oil recovery – KÖLLEMANN screw heat exchangers can be used in many processes for optimisation (drying, preheating) or immediately for the running of the thermal reactions. KÖLLEMANN uses adapted machines in order to be able to optimally cover the very special requirements of the processes.

Many processes and products use raw materials that are finite or difficult to procure. Procurement is not only costly and environmentally damaging, it is also challeging because the availability is limited. Efficient recycling of these goods can counteract both problems. KÖLLEMANN screw heat exchangers, conveying equipment as well as dosing and shut-off devices are important components for the process of recycling of these valuable resources. By means of thermal treatment, milled asphalt surfaces, for example, can be broken down into their components and reused. Likewise, countless raw materials can be found in batteries and accumulators, which can be returned to the circular economy through thermal or chemical treatment.

Sewage sludge utilization with phosphorus recovery
Phosphorus is a scarce resource that is essential for all living beings, yet the resource quickly diminishes. In order to reuse the finite resource of phosphorus contained in sewage sludge, it must be thermally processed. From an energetic point of view, it makes sense to dry the sludge beforehand. This can be achieved almost energy-autonomously by utilizing the waste heat from the process. The KÖLLEMANN self-cleaning system delivers excellent results, despite the extremely sticky conditioning of the sludge.

Applications in the food industry
The world’s population is growing, and the development of new protein sources is of fundamental importance. The focus is now the development of new technologies for the preparation and processing of alternative protein sources – right up to the end product -.
For the processing of raw materials thermal processes are required and your best choice is to install KÖLLEMANN screw heat exchangers, as they ensure that the thermal process runs continuously and reliably. In contrast to frequently used batch processes, the continuous processing ensures a constant quality of the end product.

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