For heating of petcoke, a residue from the cracking of petroleum which consists nearly of pure carbon.
KÖLLEMANN-Preheaters perform the heating-process in which the petcoke is heated from min. 0°C to approx. 200°C.
The heated petroleum coke is then mixed with hot pitch by a kneader; the emerging paste is formed into blocks. The produced blocks will be baked and represent the anode, which is used during the Hall-Héroult-Prozess for the reduction of aluminum oxide to aluminum.
Due to their state of the art design KÖLLEMANN preheaters stand out from other available products on the world market. Our design offers decisive advantages for maintenance, life, efficiency and required space. By applying the hollow flight principle our preheaters offer maximum performance within the smallest possible space. The modular insulation is not only maintenance friendly due to rapidly removable panels but also insures the best possible exploitation of the supplied heat due to minimizied radiation losses.

We have developed an optimal solution to compensate thermal expansion of the screw-shafts. It is completely absorbed by a special-designed and produced KÖLLEMANN-Carbon-Bearing, which faces a minimized maintenance. The tongue-shaped shaft-passages allows to replace individual worm-shafts without the necessity to remove the end-walls or any of the other shafts. This reduces downtime significantly.
The product-range delivers Preheaters starting from 5t/h up to 60t/h – On request there is an option to equip the delivery with an especially adapted piping with modular insulation, which enables to connect the preheater onto a central inlet and outlet point. All necessary valves and flowmeters as well as temperature measurement-units can be ordered and on demand preassembled to the piping-system. Click here for product video Preheater

Throughput rate up to 60t/h (currently, might be increased later)

Product temperatures up to 220°C

Modular insulation

The entire unit is placed on a solid frame, no individual foundations

The world’s largest machines are maufactured by KÖLLEMANN

According to the hollow-flight principle, screw flights are hollow, so that they provide a path for a cooling or heating medium to flow through. This means that bulk materials that have to be thermally processed, can be cooled, heated or kept at a constant temperature. Screw conveyors with conventional design only allow the heating or cooling medium to flow through the housing and optionally the worm shaft, where as the hollow screw flights of our KÖLLEMANN screw-heat-exhanger are used for heat or cooling transfer by means of a thermal medium along the entire length of the screw. With the active use of the screw flight as heat exchange surface, the efficiency of the thermal heat transfer of a screw heat exchanger increases disproportionately. The hot or cold surfaces of the screw flights are in constant contact with the bulk product and allow an optimum heat exchange .

The screw flight surface makes up more than two-thirds of the entire product-contacting surface of a screw heat exchanger. Thus, compared to conventional products, the Köllemann screw-heat- exchanger has considerably more area per meter of conveying path and thus a considerably higher efficiency.

The supplied heat is utilized to the maximum by minimizing radiation losses. This results in a multiple of the transfer capacity and is the only reason why applications in higher performance ranges can be realised at all. This process  offers great advantages in terms of maintenance, service life, efficiency and space requirements of the machine. This design allows maximum performance in the smallest space.

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