Used for shutting-off and sealing off bulk-solids. The Slide-Gate-Valve acts as a lockable barrier within the vertical pipe works, which can be closed with a solid sheet-metal plate. This system is usable for any bulk-solid as well as bulk solids along with a defined moisture content. Slide-Gate-Valves are often used to encapsulate a process-room such as an combustion-chamber from a silo or other up- or downstream equipment. KÖLLEMANN Slide-Gate-Valves are designed to serve your special demands such as atmospheric sealing, bulk-solid retention, radiation heat retention or flue-gas retention – just to name a few.

To optimize the operation and cost efficiency , we also take your plants availability for energy supply into account. Our slide gates can be operated by hand, electric motors and pneumatic cylinders.

Depending on the application, process-optimized extra-equipment options such as emergency-shut-off function, high-temperature-resistance and position-monitoring are available. In order to minimize leakages as well as any dead-space, the slide-gates can be equipped with a sealing-frame in the inlet-section along with eccentric pressurizing bolts, which ensure a maximized tightness. As a result of a long-term development, we are able to provide standard Slide-Gates for cement and rough materials in welded-design.
We produce each Slide-gate-valve fully based upon your special requirements.

Size from DN100 up to DN1200

Temperatures of bulk solids up to 12000C

Closing time (pneumatic Emergency Gate Valve) <2s

Emergency shut off function in case of power or compressed air failure

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