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As a world market and technology leader, we produce machines for conveying, heat treatment, cooling and dosing of bulk materials as well as for shutting off process areas. Due to our extremely high level of vertical manufacturing and quality management  as well as our conservative design our machines stand out with a long service life. We ensure with our full service offers the maintenance of the plants and guarantee the delivery of spare parts even after years. Due to the excellent reparability of our machines, we avoid a resource-intensive new production of the entire machine.


Together with our highly qualified engineers and technicians, we develop and manufacture individual machines, precisely adapted to the needs of our customers and the field of application. By means of computer-aided engineering (CAD), we check the correspondingly required product characteristics in simulations and carry out tests in our test centre. Through this process of development, we are offering the best, tried and tested solution for the application to our customers.


The confidence of our customers in our quality and safety is our obligation: Our engineers and technicians in the fields of plant planning, engineering, project management, construction, production and service guarantee the highest quality standards. KÖLLEMANN is certified by TÜV Rheinland according to ISO 9001:2015 and AD 2000 regulations/DIN EN ISO 3834. The performance of our quality management system is regularly audited by independent certification bodies.


KÖLLEMANN systems and machines are used worldwide. For our customers in more than 80 countries our our engineers and service technicians rise each day to deliver the best and innovative service to them. We are proud that our machines are in operation worldwide in the sections of raw materials, chemical and cement industries as well as the energy and power plant technology, environmental and recycling sectors. Being available to our customers worldwide through our local KÖLLEMANN representatives and partners is our valuable asset to guarantee the best possible service and short communication paths.

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Company Management

Guido Fiedler
Chief Executive Officer

Matthias Ginster
Head of Sales / Authorized Representative


Company history


Development and patent registration of the MTPM-Mixer.


Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Köllemann is developing a salt-based latent heat storage system.


The Maltese Minister of Labor and Education, Evarist Bartolo, is visiting Köllemann to learn about Germany’s dual system of education, which is excecuted in an exemplary way by Köllemann.


Optimization of production by acquisition of a flame cutting machine.

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Re-certification for the production and design of pressure-vessels acc. to the „ASME Boiler and – Pressure Vessel Code sec. 8 div. 1“.


Manufacturing of the thitherto worlds biggest coke-preheaters (60 metric to/h) – the delivery takes place in Yunnan, China. The company receives its certificate acc. to ISO 9001:2008.


Volker Kapteina joins the company as managing director, and becomes a few years later also a shareholder.
The aged PPS-system is replaced by a modern ERP-system with special auxiliaries to force a more effective production.


Acquisition of the company by a group of investors and renamed the company into Köllemann GmbH.


Expansion of the production hall which henceforth contains the companies biggest vertical boring and turning mill.


Achievement of the ASME-Certificate for the production and design of pressure-vessels acc. to the „ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code“.


Expansion of the test center for execution of experiments with all kinds of bulk-solids of our customers.


Realization of a research project: „Minimization of ecotoxic heavy-metal composition in wooden ashes“.


For reasons of age, the long-term owner and name patron Anton J. Köllemann leaves the company.


Implementation of computer aided engineering (CAE) for optimization of the components for a more efficient design as well as introduction of production-planning software (PPS).


Worldwide commercialization of our further developed process components, and focus of our engineering towards the delivery of complete solutions.


Introduction of computer-aided design software (CAD) as well as implementation of computer numeric controlled machinery (CNC).


Renaming to A. J. Köllemann GmbH.


Buyout of the company by its (subsequently) long-time owner Anton J. Köllemann. Entering manufacturing of screw-heat-exchangers. The client base and the product-range is expanded within the fields of power-plants and mining industry.


Founding of the company named „Horst Kuprat KG“ – The first customers consist solely of the cement industry as well as a few chemical companies.