4. August 2023

New CNC boring machine for maximum precision

KÖLLEMANN plants and machines stand for the highest quality standard through maximum precision in manufacturing and sustainability through a long service life. With the new CNC boring mill WHN 130 from TOS Varnsdorf, KÖLLEMANN continues to invest in the equipment of its machinery and thus in a consistently high production quality.

With its technical top level, the drilling and milling machine meets the requirements of an efficient, future-oriented production technology and offers great flexibility in workpiece machining due to its large cutting capacity and high accuracy. Equipped with technical parameters such as a 360-degree adjustable rotary table, different milling as well as lightweight spindle units, internal cooling of the tools, the new boring mill is also suitable for effective complete machining of complex, heavy machine parts with a maximum weight of 12 tons and a supported length of 11,000 mm. As part of environmentally friendly production processes, the boring mill is equipped with a boring oil purifier. Dirt particles and oils are separated out, giving the emulsion a long service life.

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