KÖLLEMANN Cooling-Screw-Conveyors have their field of application within the cooling of bulk-solids, pastures as well as sludges and slurries. For each special application and bulk-solid condition, we offer a custom-tailored variation. KÖLLEMANN Cooling-Screw-Conveyors represent the ideal solution for any application, where gentle handling and rigid separation of the bulk-solid and coolant is mandatory. KÖLLEMANN Cooling-Screw-Conveyors are universally usable for bed-ashes, flue-dust, sewage-slurries, cements, salts, plastics, pyrolysis residues, cyanideor pastures in every kind of condition.

Based upon their sophisticated design, KÖLLEMANN Cooling-Screw-Conveyors  differ mostly from other products available on the global market due to the well-proven Hollow-Flight-Principle, which incorporates some advantages: significantly increased heat-transfer-surface and a relevant lower thermal stress for the screw-flights as well as a forced guiding of the coolant within the shaft and jacket.

The application- and temperature-range reaches up to 1200°C, by a consequent cooling of all heat- and product-exposed surfaces a low thermal stress and an endurance can be achieved.

The applications are unlimited -a direct-discharge from a fluidized-bed combustion is for Köllemann  Cooling-Screw-Conveyers as easy as the usage within a cooling-cascade built from several machines to temper a big volume-flow gently.

The usability for applications which require sticky, bridging or adhesive solids and pastures is maintained by a sophisticated design of the shaft geometry and movement which is known as the KÖLLEMANN Self-Cleaning-System. Through our experience we can handle problematic products reliable and within the boundaries of your processes.

KÖLLEMANN produces the Screw-Heat-Exchangers in accordance with standards such as AD2000 or ASME BPVC Sec.8 div.1 to ensure a maximum of safety during the handling of the heat-transfer-medium. (Certifications

As we produce each preheater fully based upon your special requirements, our sales-team is looking forward to assist you.

Suitable for all bulk materials and temperatures up to 1.200°C

Construction according to the proven Hollow-Flight principle

Reliable separation of heat transfer medium and bulk material

Single or multiple shaft version

On request with piping and fittings

This is achieved by two shafts rotating in the same direction, thus guaranteeing a high lateral speed between the individual surfaces. To further enhance this effect, the second shaft rotates at double speed. With this unique system, KÖLLEMANN screw heat exchangers can even convey highly adhesive and bridging bulk materials up to conditioning comparable to Vaseline. Due to the high cleaning performance, the screw heat exchangers operate with minimum residues on the screw shafts and secure optimum heat transport.

According to the hollow-flight principle, screw flights are hollow, so that they provide a path for a cooling or heating medium to flow through. This means that bulk materials that have to be thermally processed, can be cooled, heated or kept at a constant temperature. Screw conveyors with conventional design only allow the heating or cooling medium to flow through the housing and optionally the worm shaft, where as the hollow screw flights of our KÖLLEMANN screw-heat-exhanger are used for heat or cooling transfer by means of a thermal medium along the entire length of the screw. With the active use of the screw flight as heat exchange surface, the efficiency of the thermal heat transfer of a screw heat exchanger increases disproportionately. The hot or cold surfaces of the screw flights are in constant contact with the bulk product and allow an optimum heat exchange .

The screw flight surface makes up more than two-thirds of the entire product-contacting surface of a screw heat exchanger. Thus, compared to conventional products, the Köllemann screw-heat- exchanger has considerably more area per meter of conveying path and thus a considerably higher efficiency.

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