29. July 2021

We stand together

Images of the devastating floods in the Eifel and Ahr valley region and news about the tragedy of so many people are going around the world.

Our company, located in what was until recently known the picturesque Ahr valley region, has also been impaired. Even though our manufactory has not been flooded, most our employees are affected badly, as almost all of them live in the disaster area. Some of them have lost everything, others still have a roof over their heads, but they have to live with the traumatic view day to day. The destroyed infrastructure does have not only tremendous impact on the people but also for the companies of this region.

Between feeling completely helpless and our overwhelming wish and unconditional will to stand together in this crisis, Köllemann has been active. Our company acquired new company cars and provided them to our employees, whose cars were just washed away in the flood. Today, Köllemann GmbH has donated a generous amount to the Rotary relief fund for flood victims. We are aware that our donation is just a small contribution, given the immeasurable damage.

The donations from this fund will directly and 100% benefit the people affected in our region. For more information, please visit the website: https://adenau-nuerburgring.rotary.de

In order to join forces, we would be delighted if everyone, whether employee, supplier, or customer, would help and donate also to this fund.

We fill the values of Köllemann GmbH, namely social responsibility, ethical business conduct and ecological responsibility, with action. We are grateful to be able to witness can witness such a bond among our staff.

We appreciate any help for the region and for the people, who must endure and live through this catastrophe.