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24. March 2021

Sad news

Das Maschinenbauunternehmen Köllemann GmbH trauert um seinen Gründer.
Der Unternehmer Anton J. Köllemann ist am Montag den 22.03.2021 verstorben.

27. November 2020

Food processor of a new dimension – cooking and roasting with screw heat exchanger

Köllemann has been associated with efficient solutions in the fields of conveyor, process and environmental technology for decades. Our success has been evolving due to our innovative mechanical engineering designing that perfects the principle of the screw flights.Our success is based on our ever innovating mechanical engineering designs, perfecting the worm shaft to a new […]

4. May 2020

We are donating FPP-2 masks

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to donate on 20th of April 2020 nearly 1000 FFP masks to physicians in our municipality Adenau. We have received these masks from our business partner in China. All masks have been contributed free of charge. The Rotary-Club has been donating surgical masks, which will […]

14. October 2019

Our new innovative MTPM Mixer

This mixer is cutting edge technology. It is the first mixer available on the market, which allows to mix different colors in one machine.