Self Cleaning Screw-Heat-Exchanger

Our screw heat exchangers can be equipped on demand with a special self-cleaning system Since some bulk products have a strong tendency to adhere and bridge, they often form an insulating layer on the screw flights. Depending on the conditioning of the bulk material, sludge or paste, the Köllemann self-cleaning system is a proven option for our screw heat exchangers.
It ensures efficient operation due to consistent clean surfaces of the screw flights, which make up the main contact surface for heat transfer.

We use a special geometry that generates a high relative speed between the surfaces of the worm shafts. The specially designed shafts are operating with the same direction of rotation, a speed ratio of 2:1 (shaft 1 to shaft 2) and relatively small gaps. This results in cleaning of adhering bulk materials and leads to higher efficiency.

In case of sticky and pasty bulk materials, the use of screw heat exchangers is made possible in the first place.

Forced mechanical cleaning of screw flights
High shear forces
Clean surfaces ensure efficient energy transport
Bulk material consistency up to Vaseline-like/silicone

This is achieved by two shafts rotating in the same direction, thus guaranteeing a high lateral speed between the individual surfaces. To further enhance this effect, the second shaft rotates at double speed. With this unique system, KÖLLEMANN screw heat exchangers can even convey highly adhesive and bridging bulk materials up to conditioning comparable to Vaseline. Due to the high cleaning performance, the screw heat exchangers operate with minimum residues on the screw shafts and secure optimum heat transport.

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