Preheater 60to

KÖLLEMANN-Preheaters have their field of application within the heating of petcoke, a residue from the cracking of petroleum which consists nearly of pure carbon.

KÖLLEMANN-Preheaters take over the heating-process in which the petcoke is heated from min. 0°C to approx. 200°C.

During the following  steps of the process, the hot petcoke will be mixed with pitch by means of a kneader; the emerging paste is formed into blocks.The so produced blocks will be baked and represent the anode, which is used during the Hall-Héroult-Prozess for the reduction of aluminum oxide to aluminum.

The KÖLLEMANN-Preheaters differ mostly from other products available on the global market through their sophisticated design, which has essential advantages for maintenance, lifetime, efficiency and required space.

By implementation of the well-proven Hollow-Flight-Principle, the KÖLLEMANN-Preheaters offer a maximum of performance with minimal utility-space used, the modular insulation an excellent maintainability by means of the quick and easy removable segments and  ensures the best-possible utilization of the fed-in amount of heat by minimization of radiation-loss.


One of the problems solved with an outstanding effort in engineering is the compensation of the thermal-expansion of the screw-shafts. The expansion is completely absorbed by a special-designed and produced KÖLLEMANN-Carbon-Bearing, which faces a minimized maintenance.

The latch-shaped shaft-passages allows to replace single shafts without the necessity to remove the end-walls or any of the other shafts. This reduces downtime significantly.

The product-range delivers Preheaters starting from 5t/h up to 60t/h – On request there is an option to equip the package with a matching, modular insulated piping-system, which enables to connect the preheater onto an single oil in- and outlet. All necessary valves and flowmeters as well as temperature measurement-units can be ordered preassembled to the piping-system.

As we produce each preheater fully based upon your special requirements, our sales-team is looking forward to assist you.

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